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Therapeutic Massage Liverpool NY

Welcome to the Long Branch Wellness Center, your place for a therapeutic massage in Liverpool NY. Research has revealed that therapeutic massage is as beneficial as deep-tissue massage for addressing low-back pain. These two different kinds of massage, therapeutic and deep tissue, help with chronic low-back pain as well as other body aches. Therapeutic massage, including effleurage, petrissage, tapping and friction, help with freeing muscle from entrapment and give a sense of relaxation. Book your massage in Liverpool NY today and experience the difference.

Therapeutic Massage of CNY
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Therapeutic Massage

digestive disorders
insomnia related to stress
myofascial pain syndrome
soft tissue strains or injuries
sports injuries

Swedish Massage

benefits physcial and emotional
undo knots in muscles
decrease pain in body
increase blood circulation
lymph and metabolic wastes
from muscle tissues

Aromatherapy Massage

reduced anxiety
eased depression
boost energy levels
eliminate headaches
strengthen immune system
reduce pain
improve digestion
increase circulation

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